I like coffee. But for a year now, I only drink it a few time a week and not for waking up.

There are many ways to boost your energy without caffeine. They can work even better then another cup of espresso and are – really are! – good for your health. Let me tell you what I do to wake up in the morning.

Drink water

Number one: to restart your whole body is a simple glass of water within half an hour after waking up.


It was quite challenging to make it a habit but now I do it automatically. You may add some lemon if you don't like plain water. This is still good to start the day and also gives you additional vitamin C.

And don't stop – keep drinking water through the day to avoid dehydration. A lack of water makes some body systems work slower, and thus you feel tired even doing nothing. Besides, every cup of caffeinated drink requires an additional glass of water to keep the water balance.


If you work too hard and think of drinking water only when your tongue is stuck to the palate, fill a bottle and put it on your desk or set a reminder on your computer or smartphone for every 2 hours.

Wash your face and body with cool water

After the first morning glass of water I move to the bathroom. I wash my face with cool water, clean and gently massage my ears. There are a lot of acupressure points there, so don't overdo. Cool shower is also very good for boosting energy. Moreover, it can increase your metabolism, strengthen your immune system and help your hair and skin look better. But taking a shower is better after some exercise.

Do morning exercise

I'm pretty sure you know about the energizing effect of physical exercise.

If you have not tried it yet – you definitely should. Yes, it can be extremely hard to make your body move when your brain is not really awake yet, but the point is that some exercise gives you a really great amount of energy. There's no need to lift heavy weights or run a marathon – school level PT or some jogging or yoga is enough.

For a better effect you can turn on your favorite music or any radio station – most have energetic play-lists in the morning (just use earphones not to wake up your family or neighbors). 

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