Self-Employed Workers Need Insurance

Self-employment can be a great time for someone wanting to Workfor themselves and not have to punch a time clock or answer to someone else’sdemands daily.

It also presents some challenges that need to be addressed.

Health insurance is something that all people need to think about. When you’reself-employed, it can be very difficult to find a good health insurance plan.In the US, there are more than 40 million people classed asself-employed.

The Affordable Care Act is now in effect and it’s mandatory formillions of self-employed  people that don’t have a health insurance plan to eitherobtain one or pay annual fees for not having insurance.

Health Insurance is anecessary investment especially for those who may have chronic illnesses orfamily to think about. There are thousands of health plans to choose from and decidingwhere to purchase a plan or what to include in a policy can be very confusing.

Laid off or Retired?

Many people have been laid off from permanentemployment due to the economy in recent years. For some people, they may beable to remain on the company health policy that they had through a previousemployer yet they will have to pay a much higher monthly rate than when theywere employed.

For retirees, many companies will offer health insurance afterretirement but the pricing is usually far higher than they were paying whenemployed.

Usually when someone retires, their health benefits seemingly retirewith them.

Forthose who are self-employed but have a spouse who works and is able to get afamily health insurance plan, they should really consider doing so. While premiumson a family plan may be high, they usually tend to be less expensive thanindividual policies.

Having an employed spouse can be an advantage when itcomes to being able to have quality, affordable health care.

Choosing a Company

There are some Insurance Companies that haveexcellent Health Insurance for self-employed workers. One of those is Aetna.Aetna offers health insurance plans for individuals as well as families and hasa wide array of plans to choose from.

From medical or dental to vision and evenshort term disability and prescription only plans.

Another well reputed company is United Healthcare. Forself-employed Individuals residing in the U.S., United Healthcare has manyoptions and pricing available.

Onemore company, and also one of the largest and well-known in the United Statesis Blue Cross Blue Shield. They have been in business since 1929 and offerseveral health plans that are geared specifically toward self-employedindividuals. They also offer a full line of family plans at fairly competitive,yet affordable pricing. Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers short term healthpolicies that go along with pre-tax health savings accounts.

You Really Need a Good Plan

When you have family, making sure they havequality, affordable health care is a wise decision. Whether someone has achronic illness, accident or onset of an unexpected illness, health insurancecan be the difference between life and death. Accidents and unexpectedillnesses can cost extremely high amounts when one has to pay out of pocket, soensuring that a good health plan is in place will not only save money, but willgive the peace of mind of knowing all will be taken care when those situationsarise.