I've seen these 'Egg Muffins' quite a bit recently on my social media feeds. So much so, in fact, that I thought I'd give them a go. Boy am I glad I did.

Not only are they the perfect breakfast for anyone following a Paleo regime, they're also jolly tasty and mighty good for you. Quick to prepare, and versatile enough for anyone's tastes, you can add anything you like to these bad boys.

Being fairly new to Paleo myself, I've been finding it difficult to come up with a breakfast that I can take into Work with me. Frankly, on these cold winter's morning I want something hot and satisfying, and my old favourite of Parma Ham and melon just wasn't cutting it!

I did try smoked Mackerel and spinach on one occasion, but the death stares I recieved from my colleagues for filling the office with 'eau de fish' was more than I could bear (although it was blimmin delicious).

Anywho, coming back to these little muffin beauties. So simple to make I hardly need to write you any directions (but I will, because I'm nice like that):

In my batch of 12 I have used:

4 bacon rashers (thick fat cut off) cut into rough cubes

A handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced.

A red onion, finely sliced.

A red pepper, into small cubes.

Sprinkle of Oregano

Large handful of spinach

8 eggs (you can adjust this as you wish)

I simply softened the onions over a medium heat until they had turned translucent, then threw in the bacon and turned up the heat.

Once the bacon had started to get a nice colour, I threw in the rest of the ingredients and let it cook for around 10-15 minutes.

I then spooned the mixture out evenly into my muffin tin, whisked up 8 eggs and poured the egg mixture into the tins. The muffins will rise, so you don;t need to fill the muffin cases up all the way, if you don't want to!

Eggs are so healthy for you, just go nuts and cram as many in as you can.

Mine went in the oven at 180 for 15 minutes.

Store in an air-tight container in the fridge. I had three (ok, four) per portion, so mine lasted a measly three days, but I soon whipped up another batch!

The best thing about these muffins is you can bring them into work cold in a tupperware box and heat them when you're ready for breakfast!

They re-heat really well in a microwave, and I think that their flavour actually improves over time.

These would be great with Chorizo, Mushrooms, Chilli or Cheese (on a naughty day!) in fact any old leftovers that you have laying about. An all round breakfast winner, in my opinion.