Christmas is a time for Cheese and Prosecco, it wouldn't be the same without it, but what if you could get them both in one? Well, now you can. This Christmas The Great British Cheese Company has granted us the best possible wish by producing PINK Prosecco Cheese. That's right. Pink. Prosecco. Cheese.

Have you ever heard of anything more magical?

This new blend of Raspberry, Prosecco and Wensleydale is the perfect combination to create the best cheese board centrepiece that your guests have ever laid their eyes on. And before you thought it couldn't get any better, the cheese contains a small amount of alcohol, so if you eat enough of it you are sure to get merry on Christmas day without the kids sticking their fingers into it.

Selling at only £4.50 for this 200g waxed cheese truckle you can hardly turn down this wheel of miracles to treat yourself, your family and your friends. It can even be given as a gift to your favourite cheese fiend if you can resist eating it before its wrapped.

But you'll have to be quick as we can only hope that the nation doesn't run out of stock!

A word from The Great British Cheese Company

"Wensleydale with Sweet raspberry and sharp prosecco, this cheese is a treat for anybody with a sweet tooth. Unique to The Great British Cheese Company, our Prosecco and Raspberry flavour has been a bit hit! You’ve probably heard of the popular at Christmas classic, Wensleydale with Cranberries." (The Great British Cheese company)

The Cheshire based company is known for its unique flavoured cheese.

They are the creators of The Drunken Monk, Whiskey Mac Cheddar and Sticky Toffee Tastic cheese products and offer a variety of hamper and gift baskets which are perfect for this time of year!

While some people have been over the moon with this cheese revolution, others have expressed doubt about whether or not the flavour combinations will work.

But there's only one way to find out and that's by giving it a taste test and we're sure nobody is going to complain about that at least not after a glass of mulled wine or two to compliment a Christmas Dinner.

We can almost guarantee that this is going to be the new Christmas Cheese obsession of 2017. And if you haven't yet convinced your boss to get some for the office party then you better get a move on as it's selling fast.