Dubai’s Broadway Bakery has made a four-foot high cake that looks like Tyrion Lannister (played by American actor Peter Dinklage) from game of thrones, to pay an edible tribute to the House Lannister member.

The incredibly detailed sponge cake shows Tyrion Lannister sitting on the Iron Throne, holding a goblet of wine in his hand.

The epic replica weighs about 32 kilogrammes

Made entirely of sugar fondant and sugar paste, the Game of Thrones-themed cake costs a staggering £19,000 (approx.).

While the bakery is heralding it as the most expensive cake, it is actually untrue. The world’s most expensive cake is a £58 million birthday cake bought by an unidentified person in the UAE for his daughter's birthday cum engagement party in 2015. The six-foot tall catwalk-themed cake featured small hand-sculpted figurines.

The lavish confection was embellished with 4,000 diamonds. The icing included a 5.2-carat pink diamond, a 6.4-carat yellow diamond and 15 five-carat white diamonds. What's more, 400 one-carat white diamonds, 73 three-carat white diamonds, along with 73 three-carat black diamonds were used for the runway.

The sumptuous dessert was designed by Debbie Wingham (the British designer who also designed the world's most expensive dress).

Other expensive cakes that made headlines

In 2011, a £23 million cake was created on the finale of an American reality series called Cake Boss.

Baked for a New York-based socialite, the cake was bedazzled with gems like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Previously, the record was held by Black Swan China for a £244,471 cake.

However, in 2012, award-winning Sri Lankan Chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe broke the record for the “world’s most expensive cake” by making a cake worth £27 million.

Designed like a pirate ship, it had ten layers of chocolate, lemon and pumpkin flavour and featured an assortment of gemstones and jewellery pieces like brooches and necklaces. Dubbed as 'Pirate’s Fantasy', the confection was unveiled at a luxury beach hotel in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, the record for the world’s most expensive wedding cake is held by Cake, a bakery in Chester, England. In March 2013, the bakery created a lavish eight-tiered confection for the National Gay Wedding Show in Liverpool. hired the bakery CAKE, to design a cake specifically for the event. Measuring almost 5 feet tall, the extravagant dessert was adorned with more than 4,000 diamonds.