A 50 year-old Italian web developer was found guilty of strangling a policeman at his home, and then trying to destroy the body. Stefano Brizzi killed 59 year-old Gordon Semple while high on crystal meth at his flat in Bermondsey. The two had met on gay social media outlet Grindr, and Brizzi had invited Semple over under the pretense of it being a chemsex and bondage party (bondage had been one of the reasons they had met, sharing a common interest in it). They were conducting roleplay themed around 'puppy training', with Semple donning a mask and collar, before his death.

Brizzi, a Breaking Bad fan, copied it

He claims he was inspired by a season 1 episode: Brizzi dismembered Semple's body with a saw, and then using cleaning products and buckets he had purchased from a local DIY store, attempted to dissolve the body. This was to be his undoing, as police were later called to Brizzi's flat after complaints from neighbours about the awful smell. They caught Brizzi, wearing just his speedo-style pants and sunglasses, with body parts in bags and buckets, in a scene compared to a 'horror movie'. Among some of the horrible evidence was a bathtub filled with dissolving flesh, a oven with human fat, as well as bloody utensils, chopsticks and a chopping board covered in human DNA.

Brizzi adamantly denies allegations of cannibalism.

Unlike Breaking Bad, Brizzi failed

Brizzi attempted to blame the stench on burnt food, attempting to use scented candles to hide the smell. In addition, Brizzi was found to have a Satanic bible, written messages trying to summoun Satan, and claimed that he was influenced by the Devil to commit murder.

He also admitted to having dumped some of Semple's body into the River Thames, along with his badge and other identification. Brizzi was found guilty of Murder on Monday and given a life sentence. In a statement from Semple's family, they said, 'Gordon was a loyal and much loved long-term partner, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, cousin and friend to all.'