In the past months, the European Union and countries outside of the Union are witnessing the biggest Immigration wave of the 21st century. With the fall of the Libyan leader Gaddafi many Libyans are now in Europe because of the catastrophe that happened in their home country. Also, we are witnessing many Eritreans, Somalis and Nigerians who are on their way to Europe because of the dictatorial regimes and very harsh conditions in their countries.

But most of the refugees that are coming to Europe are from Syria. With the spread of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) many Syrians are trying to escape the horror of this so-called “Islamic State”.

With these issues that are happening in the Middle East and Africa many people are migrating for the hope of a better future in Europe. The EU and the UN are trying to help as many people as possible, by accepting them in their member states, but the number is just enormous. Around 6 million people are displaced within Syria, and around 3 million refugees had fled to countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. But these numbers are from a statistic done in August 2014, the number had increased and is rising every day. Many refugees are trying to reach Europe, and many did reach Europe.

Also it is worth mentioning that many refugees from Libya fled to Italy and Malta. Malta is a small island country in the Mediterranean which is part of the European Union and with a population of under 450.000.

In the city of Valleta-Malta there will be a regional gathering of the leaders of the African continent and the European Union to discuss about the migrant crisis for the first time. During the two day summit in Malta, the European Union will offer African leaders billions of Euros to help them with the refugee crisis. The aim is to help the African states with their economical and security problems, and to receive and help failed applicants.

Many refugees are going to Germany and Sweden, regarded as the best countries and havens for asylum seekers. But the problem is not only with these migrants, there are also people who are trying to reach European countries illegally with smugglers. Also people from the Balkans are trying their luck with the help of the refugees to get to Germany and other European countries.

Many people had fled Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is even a bigger problem when you add these countries which are regarded as safe, but people are escaping because of economical reasons.

But what will happen if the European Union closes the gates to these people? As we have seen Hungary closed the gates, and Slovenia has put a barbed wire on their borders. What if Croatia closes the border? Will all of the migrants come to the Balkans? Or will they return to Turkey and the countries like Jordan and Lebanon? And what if all of the countries of the Balkans close the doors to the refugees? Will it be an ethical dilemma of who to accept? Will there be an uprising somewhere on the borders of Europe from the migrants to accept them?

Hopefully the scenario will be better than this, and everything will be solved within the countries of origin.

But a question is bothersome: where is Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to help these people? Why are Syrian refugees trying to reach Europe? Is there a bigger plan that we cannot see? Or are these people regarding Europe simply as heaven? The UAE is regarded as "heaven" even for citizens of Europe and the U.S.. But we see a constant flood of refugees trying to reach Europe. And the number is getting bigger by the day.