Bosnian authorities arrested six men on Wednesday, suspected of having ties to Islamic State, including two men who were preparing to make a trip to Syria to join the fighting. Apprehended at Sarajevo Airport, a spokesperson for the Bosnian State Prosecution Office, Boris Grubsevic, provided further details, highlighting the men's ties to radical religious sects.

Grubsevic said that the suspects were members of radical religious groups in Bosnia, and were suspected of financing and recruiting fighters, as stated in the Times of Israel. The latest arrests come as Bosnian law officials continue their crackdown on radical religious groups, operating within the country.

As per the International Business Times, last September, Bosnian police detained 16 people on charges and allegations of funding terrorist activities across the Middle East. Among those arrested was a prominent radical, Bilal Bosnic, leader of the Salafi movement in Bosnia who, in the past, has called on young Muslims to join Islamic State's ranks. Bosnia is currently on trial, for allegedly recruiting young Muslims to fight in Syria and Iraq.

It has been reported by multiple news and intelligence agencies, that hundreds of Muslims from Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia have traveled to Syria and Iraq. With Muslims making up 45% of the total population in Bosnia, the growing levels of unemployment and social inequality are inspiring groups to exploit a dire situation that young people face.

To counter the growing influx of 'fighters' leaving to join the ranks of Islamic State, Bosnia's government introduced a law banning it's citizens from fighting in foreign wars.

The law, passed in June last year, criminalizes those who join in jihad, as the International Business Times have phrased it. Those found in breach of the law, could face a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

The news comes at a time where Islamic State has opened up a new theater of conflict within Libya, with the other two fronts being in Syria and Iraq.