A month after the Parisian attacks, Copenhagen was the stage of two shootings that killed two people. Policemen are investigating the potential relationship between the two shootings since the police chase ending with the man's death.

Danish police suspects there might be a connection with the Parisian attacks. Indeed, the shootings' circumstances seem gloomily akin to the Kouachi brothers and Coulibaly operations.

The first shooting occurred in a cultural center where a conference on art, blasphemy, and freedom of speech was held. Director Finn Nørgaard was killed while he was standing outside.

Dozens of people attended the conference according to Le Monde. French ambassador Francois Zimeray described the shooting: "they fired at us from the outside. It was the same intent than in Paris with the exception that they were unable to come inside." He also tweeted "still alive" when he was in the room.

Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist who drew Mohammed's cartoons was among the guests. Helle Merete Brix, one of the event's organizer, believes he was the killer's target. A few hours later, Dan Uzan, whose job was to protect the downtown synagogue, was shot down.

Danish police soon described him as "male, 25-30 years old, around 185cm tall, athletic build with an Arabic appearance but with lighter skin than normal and with black, slick hair." After he was spotted and killed, the police didn't provide the man's identity although they declared that he was inspired by organizations such as ISIS.

The shootings were condemned by many political leaders. David Cameron tweeted "I condemn the shootings in Copenhagen. Free speech must always be protected. My thoughts are with the Danish people".

Twenty four hours after the attack, the investigation continues. Copenhagen police arrested a couple of men in a cybercafé on Sunday, 15th.

A policeman said to a public TV channel: "it's part of the investigation". While the police affirmed it knew the shooter from a news conference, new police raids have been realized near the killer's home.

French minister of internal affairs pleaded for a greater collaboration between European intelligence services and defense procedures. "We must equip ourselves with the necessary tools [in the airport] to improve the foreign fighters tracking. It is important to establish the passenger name record (PNR) in the European Union" said Bernard Cazeneuve.