Singer Scott McWatt launches nation-wide campaign to get his charity single, "Glasgow Your Heart is Made of Gold", to the number 1 spot. It's official launch will be on 25th January, which is the annual celebration of Robert Burns. 

 The 27-year-old singer songwriter, overwhelmed by the humility of Glasgow during the bin lorry tragedy (and after the 2013 Clutha Vaults Helicopter Crash), has written a song dedicated to his home city. Scott originally from Maryhill, shares his story which captivates fond memories, as he pinpoints famous landmarks throughout.

It reportedly took less than 24 hours to write, compose, and produce the track. The word Scott used to describe the process in a recent story is, "fluid."


"I had the basis for it already the day after the crash. It was a fluid process. It was one of those songs where the melody and the lyrics fall into place."

Lyrics include:

"It's the people here that make the city shine

It's the shipyards, spires and bridges

It's the universities

The city was made for you and me"

"No man walks alone and we take care of our own"

"Sometimes I get loney so I stand out in George Square

Outside the city chambers I feel the city's pulse I swear

No man is an Island and if the truth be told

Oh Glasgow you are beautiful and your heart is made of gold"

His words encapsulate the warmth and affection felt within Glasgow's streets.

Which has propelled Scott and his team to push the single forward. From STV (Scottish Television) appearances, Twitter plugs and various articles across the country, Scott has amassed a great deal of attention for his efforts. There is also a Facebook page set-up in order to help drive sales to the number 1 position.  

Not the first time Scott has made Music for charitible causes, he has written, "Jack and Jill", with the proceeds of that going to Alzheimer's Scotland.

 Scott also produced, "It's a Wonderful Life", which was dedicated to Children's Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS). He's a regular busker, and is known to sing at events at the drop of a hat. His music sets whether live on stage or on television, never fail to impress. Combining talent with good deeds is what the singer does on a regular basis.

And like most Glasgow artists, he takes it all with a big dollop of humility. 

The track is available to stream right now. A home music video is also available to view. The official launch taking place this weekend. In fact, Gorbals studio freed up their diary to enable the track to be released in time for Burns Night, which is held on 25th January. The accompanying video is said to feature some Glasgow celebrities too, and it's scheduled to be released at the weekend as well. 

Here's a statement from the singer:

"So here it is. the recorded version of, 'Glasgow (Your Heart is made of Gold). I'd like to thank everyone who has been so supportive of the song so far and of course the cause that we are raising money for.

Special thanks to Paul, Kevin and Ronan at Gorbals Sound for being amazing. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. I hope you like it.

Dedicated to the beautiful city and wonderful people of Glasgow."

You can sample the song before official release through Sound Cloud.