“Rocketman” is to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next month, with the Elton John-inspired biopic featuring Taron Egerton (in the lead role), Richard Madden and former “Billy Elliot” star Jamie Bell looking to build on the success of other recent music-themed movies such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Sir Elton and his husband, the Canadian filmmaker David Furnish, are among the producers for the upcoming film which takes audiences on an illuminating journey through the celebrated British singer-songwriter’s early years at the Royal Academy of Music and his later hugely successful musical partnership with Bernie Taupin.

Dexter Fletcher re-united with Egerton

Dexter Fletcher – who stepped in to complete “Bohemian Rhapsody” when original director Bryan Singer was fired – once again takes the helm on a project covering British musical royalty. Instead of dipping into British rock band Queen and their colourful lead singer Freddie Mercury’s careers, this time Elton John’s often turbulent life is the subject of the film’s focus.

A sense of deja vous may also have been evident for Fletcher as the film saw him join forces with Egerton on a major project once more, after previously hooking up with the talented performer on the entertaining “Eddie the Eagle” film in 2016 about the life of British ski jumper Eddie Edwards.

'Bodyguard' star plays John Reid

Fans of the hugely popular “Bodyguard” production for television may also be interested in the appearance of Madden in the role of John Reid, Elton John’s former music manager and lover. American actress Bryce Dallas Howard also stars in the new film (titled after the 1972 hit “Rocket Man”) as Elton’s beloved mum, Sheila Eileen, who sadly passed away in 2017.

Egerton takes on lead role

British cinema fans will be able to make up their minds as to the authenticity of Egerton’s (“Kingsman") portrayal of the “Candle in the Wind” singer when the film opens for general release in the UK on 22nd May. Spoilers suggest that besides investing time in examining the profitable and entertaining Elton John / Bernie Taupin relationship, built up over several decades of collaboration on many memorable tracks, the film also pulls no punches in allowing viewers to consider Elton’s darker days of depression and substance abuse.

Flamboyant and colourful past

Sir Elton – currently in the midst of his final “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” world tour - certainly had plenty of material for the film to draw upon, both through his trademark flamboyant stage performances and behind the scenes in his equally intriguing personal life. His final tour will take in more than 300 shows across five continents, reaching its conclusion in 2021.

Born Reginald Kenneth Dwight in 1947, the English music icon first collaborated with lyricist Taupin in the late 1960s. More than thirty albums later, Elton’s popularity has endured over the years and he is believed to have amassed over 300 million record sales worldwide.