The album "Astronaut Alchemists" title is a sci-fi psychedelic dub album that has been made by two well-known artists coming together.

YOUTH: Whose real name Martin Glover is an award-winning, Music producer and founder of seventies rock band Killing Joke. He was born in 1960 in Birmingham and his love of music began when he started listening to the likes of T Rex and David Bowie on vinyl. His school music teacher taught him how to play the guitar after he agreed to play in a Christian school group - a decision he has never regretted.

GAUDI: Was born Daniele Gaudi and is an international producer, who hails from Bologna, Italy.

He started his music career in 1981 as a keyboard player for new-wave bands Wild Planet, Red Light, and Violet Eves.

Astronaut Alchemists

Released on Youth’s Liquid Sound Design label, it took two years to complete, but it's safe to say the duo have produced something remarkable. The musical pair has worked together previously.

Youth was the bassist on the "Screen" album a project that Gaudi created. Nowadays the pair often work together musically and perform live gigs. They released their first vinyl together in 2016 and it was titled "YOUTH & GAUDI – 2063 A Dub Odyssey".

Youth & Gaudi are both critically acclaimed artists in their own right and are known for the unique touch they bring every collaboration they work on.

It also seems there aren't many superstar artists the duo hasn't worked with in some capacity. The Verve, U2, Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney are just a few of the big names that Youth has worked with - and, he isn't alone Simple Minds, Horace Andy, and Deep Forest, have all worked with Gaudi and many more to boot.

The opening track on Astronaut Alchemists is the space sounds single "Bass Weapon" - Listeners can expect a futuristic dub but it is one of those songs you can listen to while sitting back and relaxing.

Stars’ (Remix) is a faster-paced track with a dirty baseline.

Apollo named after the rocket is a floor filler that offers electro rhythms and a hot bass.

See Youth & Gaudi live

Both back from their world tour join Youth & Gaudi for an intimate night of music, it is a rare opportunity to watch them performing their new music live.

The duo will also be joined by their label manager DJ Robin Triskele and dub/techno legend Gabriel Le Mar. The evening will take place on Friday, December 7 in London's Hackney Wick at Unit 3, 39 Autumn Street, London E3 2TT, from 8 pm.

Miss it and miss out.