Hamleys toy store seems to have developed a bad case of Harry Potter fever judging by their latest cunning plan to entice would-be shoppers through their doors. Their Regent Street flagship in London has dedicated an entire floor to JK Rowling’s celebrated young wizard and the launch earlier this week was backed by an array of celebrity fans.

The enthusiastic guests seemed to have had one of Harry’s powerful spells cast over them as they attempted to recreate their own piece of sorcery, with the likes of TV presenter Gaby Roslin sporting a wand and eye-catching glasses for the special occasion.

The former ‘The Big Breakfast’ star was joined in the shenanigans by reality star Nicola McLean, model Imogen Thomas and former ‘The X Factor’ contestant Stacey Solomon.

Harry Potter celebration

Rowling’s most famous literary creation is being celebrated in style by Hamleys, with shoppers able to find games, toys and as a special treat, they can visit a theatre dedicated to young Master Potter. If that isn’t enough to entice young fans to the popular emporium, then they may be lured by the thought of replica broomsticks, snacks with a Harry Potter theme and even the robes that a young witch or wizard would require when beginning a term at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Everyone’s favourite Lego have joined in the fun and merriment, contributing statues in the form of leading characters Harry and Hagrid, the half-giant and half-human who holds the position of gamekeeper and Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts.

The role of Hagrid was brought to life in the Harry Potter films by the ever-genial Robbie Coltrane.

Young stars are created

The Harry Potter fantasy books have made author JK Rowling into one of the most well-known and wealthy writers in the world, with more than an estimated 500 million copies having been sold to date globally.

The films based on her literary output have been no less successful, introducing the talents of the photogenic Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and the enigmatic Daniel Radcliffe - now synonymous with Harry - to the world.

Hamleys is world-renowned

Spread across a staggering seven floors, Hamleys of London is world-renowned in its chosen industry and offers something for everyone with more than 50,000 lines of toys on sale.

Founded by William Hamley in 1760, the store is the oldest and largest toy retailer in the world and has been at its current site on Regent Street since 1881. Besides its obvious appeal to children, Hamleys of London has become a tourist attraction of its own right, with an estimated five million visitors each year.