The Post is a must-see film coming out this year for anyone who is a fan of historical dramas that depict a country's most pivotal political moments, as well as showing us how certain industries have evolved over the last fifty decades.

This film will be on wide release on January 12, 2018, depicts the history of the American newspaper the #Washington Post and its influence in helping publish the #Pentagon Papers. These papers where a secret study on America's political and military involvement in the Vietnam war between 1945 to 1968. The #Pentagon Papers first landed in the hands of the U.S.

public when Daniel Ellsberg who had worked on the study re-thought his position on the war and decided America should know the full extent of their government's influence. Initially the information was leaked to the New York Times, however, the Nixon administration then went on to ban the newspaper from writing any further articles on the matter.

How The Washington Post came to their aid

From a screenplay written by Josh Singer and Elizabeth Hannah and with the help of co-producer/ director Steven Speilberg, this film brings together veteran actors' #Meryl Streep and #Tom Hanks in their first collaboration as they play the brave owner and journalist respectively who risked the future and reputation of the newspaper by opposing the same administration that stopped the New York Times, and becoming a valuable ally to them during their legal battle in order to inform the U.S.

of their government's deceit.

Streep who is known for her role in the hit The Deer Hunter (1978) along with her many subsequent roles such as The Iron Lady (2011) and Mamma Mia (2008) Plays the role of Katherine Graham whose father Eugene Meyer bought the #Washington Post in 1933 and later passed the position of publisher on to Katherine's spouse Phil Graham after he took the title of chairman of the board at the Washington Post Company in 1946.

After Phil Graham's death in 1971, Katherine took over his role as publisher at the age of forty-six and made the newspaper a public company.

Streep's role in the film will look closely at the beginning of Graham's transition into her career as she overcame prejudice from being the first female publisher of the #Washington Post, by demonstrating her strength in making the tough call going up against the Nixon administration.

Opposite Streep, Tom Hanks who is known for his various film roles including Sleepless in Seattle (1993) Forrest Gump (1994) and The Green Mile (1999) portrays Graham's ally in her decision to publish the #Pentagon Papers, her editor at the time Ben Bradlee a journalist, close friend of John F. Kennedy and World War II soldier. The Post tells the story of how Graham and Bradlee put the Post's future on the line when faced with an ethical dilemma to inform their country of the darker issues kept hidden from America by government officials, and how this very decision put their newspaper on the map which is why the Washington Post is one of the most well-known newspapers in America today.