If you're missing your weekly fix of popular HBO programme "game of thrones," don't despair. Head down to London’s West End at the Charing Cross Theatre and check out the critically acclaimed comedy parody "Graeme of Thrones" - a wacky and wicked show based on the massive phenomenon that is "Game Of Thrones."

So what is 'Graeme of Thrones?'

In a journey across the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, all ‘Thrones’ geek Graeme (played by John-Luke Roberts) can dream about is creating a live stage show of GOT. However, he isn't in the same league as the HBO TV show that receives millions of viewers, he doesn't have the money or the acting skills, and he only has a couple actors to help him out.

How is he going to pull it off? All he knows is that George RR Martin ("Games of Thrones" author) would approve – and that is all that is on his mind. But, when he receives the news that famous theatre producer, Cameron Macintosh, might be in the audience, Graeme spots his chance and decides that this could be how he could finally make it big - increasing the pressure on himself to succeed and persuade Cameron to produce the show. What could possibly go wrong?

Successful world tour

After huge success in the USA, Canada, Australia and the popular Edinburgh fringe it was described as an absolute must-see theatrical journey for any avid "Game of Thrones" fan and we would certainly agree.

Olivier Award-winning writer Jon Brittain admitted: "It’s nice to be in a room where being a massive fan is actually a good thing!

The cast looks like they are having such a fun time on stage and living out their dream. They chat about how daft the voices of characters Ser Jorah and Littlefinger’s voices are in the show and why Daenerysedibly played by the very talented Emilia Clarke, should have checked there was a no-nakedness clause in her contract."

It was the brainchild of popular comedy writers Andrew Doyle, Dan Evan, Toby Park and directed by Sam Bailey.

it really is a treat for GOT fans and a fabulous introduction for the unenlightened.

In summary

Written by: Andrew Doyle, Dan Evan, Toby Park

Performed by John-Luke Roberts (Graeme), Nicola Lamont (Bryony), Ross Spaine (Paul)

"Graeme of Thrones" is playing until Saturday, November 11 at London's Charing Cross Theatre, The Arches, Villiers St, London, WC2N 6NL

Tickets are priced from just £25.00

With just under two weeks left to bag yourself a ticket, it's time to hurry - you don't want to miss out!