Proud grandfather Graham Flinton, 67, who hails from Hull, Yorkshire decided in his fifties that is was never too late for a career change and took up writing, a brave move by any standard. However, thirteen years later he is still going strong, his children's books about 'Charlie the Chimp' and 'Foppo the loveable Bear' are now popular around the world - we even spotted them on sale in Australia.

Pseudonym John Spencer

Keen musician Graham who writes under the Pseudonym John Spencer, told us: 'I love what I do I've been writing since 2004 and hope to continue writing for many to come.

I love knowing that my creations bring smiles to kids faces. I enjoy leading reading sessions of my books, as it allows children to imagine the worlds of these adventurous and mischievous creatures.'

Charlie's High Adventure

'Charlie's High Adventure' was the first the series back in 2004 and introduced the world to 'Charlie' the loveable but mischievous chimp who lived in the African jungle and he was always going on strange and exciting adventures. In the second book 'Charlie And The Hidden Treasure Of Umbahroo', the cheeky chimp finds himself in hot water after going in search of legendary hidden treasure.

The last book in the series and many would say the most popular is 'Charlie And The Phantom Of The Towers' it sees cheerful Charlie and his pals travelling across the highlands of Scotland to help an old mate.

But, what lays ahead for the adventurous gang, could they have near miss with the infamous Loch-Ness monster?

'Foppo the loveable Bear'

Foppo the loveable bear came to life in 2013 in the book 'Foppo's Parcel' and is proving just as popular if not more so than 'Charlie the Chimp'. In the latest book released by John, find out what happens when the calamity bear goes fishing.

Children's Reading Skills

In the age of social media it is becoming more of a challenge to encourage children to enjoy reading books and according to Dr. Reid Lyon a research psychologist who serves as Chief of the Child Development and Behavior Branch at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) within the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

"The most important thing that parents can do is talk and read to their children. During the toddler and preschool years, it is critical to provide children with many different languages and reading experiences that are playful and fun, it is critical that young children observe their parents reading and learn why reading is so important in our lives experiences."

So set your Children's imagination alight with these great little stories at pocket money prices.