If there was a competition for the best genre in 2017, undoubtedly, horror would be the winner. Not only have these films achieved spectacular box-office results, but Film reviews praised them too. Film festivals are not a big fan of this genre, however, they stood out this year. Titles such as "Get Out," "Annabelle: Creation," and "It Comes at Night" gained our attention and bring moviegoers to the movie theatres.

The most representative example is the big hit "It." The film has managed to break a box-office record that has been standing for 44 years which was held by "The Exorcist" (1973).

So far it has earned a jaw-dropping $630,629,521 profit. Another example is Darren Aronofsky’s latest film, "Mother!" which has a lovely cast, Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfeiffer, and is one of the most critic's favorite 2017 films. Moreover, this week, at the top of box-office list, is another horror movie, the "Happy Death Day."

There are those who cannot understand why people like this particular genre. Why do people enjoy watching zombies and demons on the screen?

Reasons why we like horror movies

A reason could be the fact that these movies give to the moviegoers an alternative presentation of life. Unrealism is the key-word here; Ghosts, demons, kids possessed by evil spirits, and the list goes on.

Usually, someone goes to the movies in order to entertain himself and forget his problems. Suspense, terror, shock, and gore make people escape from their everyday life and enter in another, magical, world.

Why do people like being scared? They may strongly identify with the characters, especially their mutual fear of death.

The revenge factor plays a big role in horror and it is the resolution or the promise of revenge that contributes to the ultimate goal of a horror film, making people both frightened and entertained. These films, especially the good ones, play with our minds. Usually, the protagonists are ordinary people such as a family, students or teenagers, so the audience strongly identify with them.

In addition, you may have nature and animals as the enemy. Piranhas, sharks, flies, and rats often represent evil in horror movies. Zombies terrify big cities and demons seek for children’s souls. At the end, you have the resolution through a twist which makes moviegoers satisfied.

Horror films used to be a small player in the box-office. Now, Hollywood companies invest on them because they do not attract only horror fans, but all the kind of moviegoers. Ultimately, the reason why people love horror films is only one; hope. The hope that no matter how bad things are, tomorrow is a new day.