Sci-fi film fans were left drooling this week following the release of the action-packed trailer for the eagerly anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ movie. Some viewers went as far as acclaiming the brief, exhilarating glimpse into what they can look forward to – two months ahead of its December premiere – as the “greatest trailer ever made.”

Swansong for Carrie Fisher

Poignantly, the latest release in the mega-money franchise marks the swansong for one of its original stars, the much-missed carrie fisher who died in December 2016. As such it will no doubt invoke bittersweet memories for many admirers of the ground-breaking Princess Leia character that she famously portrayed on screen in several of the ‘Star Wars’ episodes.

Picking up the baton from where the 2015 movie smash hit ‘The Force Awakens’ left us, ‘The Last Jedi’ represents Episode VIII in the sensational series and the trailer hinted that Leia may be killed off before the film’s climax.

Fisher’s 66-year-old fellow co-star Mark Hamill – forever synonymous with his Luke Skywalker role – explained that her part in ‘The Last Jedi’ had to be trimmed as a result of her sad death. Capturing the essence of how deeply her life touched millions across the world though, Hamill added that “everyone feels that gap she left.

Much-anticipated film

‘The Last Jedi’ seems certain to appeal to those Jedi Knights’ fans craving an adrenalin-rush, cinematic experience, so expect plenty of special effects, light sabre battles and aeronautical encounters.

Besides Hamill, other returning stars include Daisy Ridley (Rey), Adam Driver (Kylo Ren), Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron), John Boyega (Finn) and Kelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico. Rian Johnson played a major role in the new instalment, utilising both his writing and director skills on the project.

Intriguingly, the ever-enigmatic Academy Award winner Benicio del Toro (‘Traffic’, ’21 Grams’) is also rumoured to be involved in the action as an as-of-yet unnamed character.

The director is said to refer to his role as simply “DJ”.

Teaser trailer during Chicago Bears’ game

The visually stunning teaser trailer featured during the half-time interval at the televised Chicago Bears versus Minnesota Vikings American football game in Chicago, sparking a flurry of interest in acquiring tickets for the biggest film event of the year.

UK audiences will no doubt similarly reflect that interest, as the film is expected to be released in this country on December 15th during the lucrative family holiday period leading up to Christmas.