After wowing crowds with her pitch perfect performance at the annual Henley Festival, Los Angeles based singer Vonda Shepard has vowed to return to the UK on tour next year, and we can't wait!


Vonda, 54, first hit the US Billboard charts in 1987 when she recorded the debut "Can't We Try" with Canadian singer Dan Hill. Her big break came in 1997 after she was chosen by Ally McBeal creator David E. Kelley to pen the US show's catchy theme tune Searchin' My Soul and ended up becoming the series's musical director and regular cast member. The blonde bombshell who has toured the UK on many occasions told us: "I just love performing in the UK, the fans are amazing.

I get such a warm welcome."

The Californian-born star who credits her early musical influences to Aretha Franklin, Candi Staton and Chaka Khan (who she sadly missed performing at Henley Festival) and who would like to collaborate with Stevie Wonder, revealed the only downside to touring was missing her 11-year-old son Jack. Vonda admitted: "I started my family late, I didn't have my son Jack until 2006, so when I am away touring, and he is at home going to school, that's when been away from home gets hard, and I miss spending time with him." Vonda, who famously Kickstarter funded her latest album Rookie will begin her Uk Tour next February in Cardiff.

Ally McBeal reunion?

As September sees the 20th Anniversary of the popular legal-comedy drama "Ally McBeal," Vonda revealed: "There is nothing in the pipeline about a reunion yet, but I am friends with the creator David (Kelley) and I know when the time is right, he will want to get the cast back together and do something, perhaps a special one-off episode.

I would be up for that. I loved my time in Ally McBeal."

The artist looks back fondly on her days in the popular US drama and credits it with saving her career, "making the decision to be on Ally McBeal was the easiest one I have ever made. I was living in New York and playing small gigs to 30 people, and I'd been dropped by my record label.

The show taught me to work hard, and I also learned the value of having balance in my life."

Vonda also revealed that she is still good friends off-screen with actress Calista Flockhart who played lovelorn lawyer Ally, "I still see Calista often, we are friends, and we keep in touch, I've also met her husband Harrison (Ford) who is lovely."

Please make it happen. We'd love an Ally McBeal reunion.