After seven movies most people know what to expect when it comes to a Fast & Furious film; fast cars, furious action and funny one-liners. In this instance, Fast 8, aka The Fate of the Furious, does not disappoint.

The action is constant

In fact, the film delivers more than just brightly coloured Lamborghinis and muscle cars, there’s also helicopters, a tank and a submarine. The action is constant; from fantastically choreographed fist fights to intense car chases that may have broken records in collateral damage. Then among all of the mayhem are doses of comic relief from Tyrese, Dwayne Johnson and, the star of the show, Jason Statham.

Yes, Vin Diesel and The Rock are both outshone by Statham’s less-frequent appearances, furthermore, he also manages to provoke more laughs with less effort than the franchise clown ‘Roman’. Another comedic highlight is the unexpected appearance of an Oscar-winning actress and her role in the film.

Exaggerated and expensive

Fast & Furious is one of the highest-grossing franchises of all time, making this film a strong contender in the biggest blockbuster battle seen in recent years. And from watching Fast 8, it is evident that the filmmakers have invested in it; from the all-star cast, including the new addition of Charlize Theron, to the exaggerated and expensive action scenes that Fast fans have come to expect.

However, this expectation seems to be driving a need for each film to out-do it’s prequel and given that it is almost inevitable that there will be a Fast 9, it is difficult to imagine what’s next. Although, writer Chris Morgan has said he is open to the idea of Dom’s family going to outer space - yes, outer space.

A large dose of the ridiculous

Fast 8 contains all the strengths of a Fast & Furious film, but it also contains all of the weaknesses. This includes; a number of questionable plot holes, a large dose of the ridiculous and an onslaught of cheesy lines and ‘emotional’ exchanges. The mystery of Dom’s treachery is revealed too soon, eliminating the only unpredictable element of the plot.

And while the indistinguishable storylines of the previous films have never really been memorable, this could have had the potential to stand out. Furthermore, Johnson’s character ‘Hobbs’ is practically superhuman now, despite his lack of gamma ray exposure or alien heritage. But, if you can accept the fact that the world can only be saved by street racers then you can accept Hercules’ involvement.


Fast 8 is no Tokyo Drift (a blip on the otherwise consistent film franchise) and is everything you would expect in terms of action, however, it lacks depth - 3/5. In cinemas 12th April 2017.