'Singam 3' (aka S3) total collections worldwide: - 'Singam 3' total collections (box office collection) in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (Ap/Tg), Tamilnadu, Kerela, Karnataka and overseas revenue report will be updates here. Before checking 'Singam 3' collections, let's see the movie details.

The film is a third one from 'Singam' franchise starring Suriya in the lead role. Directed by Hari, the film received mixed reviews from the audience on its opening day which effected its box office revenue in most of the areas worldwide. Anushka Shetty and Shruti Haasan played the female lead role and the music of this cop drama was composed by Harris Jayaraj.

let's check collections below.

'Singam 3' total Ap/Tg collection

The movie collected Rs 10.21 crores share from the two Telugu states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The gross amount is close to Rs 15 crores.

The film's rights were sold for Rs 20.3 crores in its region and hence it resulted in Rs 10 crores loss for its distributors in this region.

'S3' Tamilnadu, Kerela and Karnataka collection

The movie collected close to Rs 46 to 50 crores gross in Tamilnadu, Kerela - 8.7 crores and Karnataka - 10.7 crores gross. The share amount of the movie in Tamilnadu is close to Rs 32 to 34 crores, Kerela - Rs 3.5 crores and Karnataka - Rs 4.5 to 5 crores.

The film's rights were sold for Rs 40 crore in Tamilnadu and hence it resulted in Rs 6 to 8 crores loss in the region.

In Kerela, the rights were sold for Rs 4.5 crores and the loss is Rs 1 crore for the distributors. In Karnataka, the rights were sold for Rs 5.3 crores and the loss will be close to Rs 0.3 to 0.5 crore.

'Singam 3' overseas collection

The film collected Rs 26 crore gross from the overseas markets. It performed well in Malaysia, USA, and UAE by minting 8.9, 2.4 and 4 crore gross.

Overseas rights were sold for 15.5 crores, the share amount of the movie will be close to Rs 10 to 13 crores. So, the loss will be close to 2 to 4 crores in the International markets.

Total worldwide collection

The total worldwide collection of the movie is close to Rs 106 to 110 crores gross and the share amount will be close to Rs 61 to 65 crore.

As the film's worldwide theatrical rights sold for Rs 88 crores, it remained as a loss venture for its distributors as it collected only Rs 61 to 65 crores worldwide.