'!971 Beyond Borders' teaser review: - Mohanlal's '1971 Beyond Borders' teaser review will be reported here. Before checking '1971 beyond borders' teaser review, let's see the movie's details. Mohanlal is playing a dual role in this patriotic drama as Major Mahadevan and Major Sahadevan. Directed by Major Ravi, the movie was shot extensively in Rajasthan, Georgia, Ottapaalam, and Pataambi. Telugu hero Allu Sirish played the guest role in this movie bankrolled by Haneef Mohammed under his Red Rose Creations.

The makers said to unveil the first look teaser from the movie on March 2nd at 6 pm.

As said, the tease was out now. let's check the review below.

'1971 Beyond Borders' movie teaser review

The teaser highlights the lead actor Mohanlal in typical avatar and as a military officer. The typical avatar of Mohanlal impresses the mass audience well with a catchy dialogue from him and war episode scenes which were highlighted towards the end of the teaser looks rich which elevated further hype on the movie. Overall, this Major Ravi's directional project first look teaser lived up to the expectations of the audience.

The movie is slated for release on April 7th as per the estimate and an official confirmation is awaited on the same from the production team.

Can Mohanlal break Mammootty's 'Grandfather' teaser record?

Both Mammootty and Mohanlal enjoy the huge following among the Mollywood audience. A few days ago, the first look teaser from Mammootty's next movie 'The Great Father' was unveiled on the actor's Facebook page and it garnered 7.2 million views which is the highest number of views for a Malayalam teaser on Facebook.

So, can Mohanlal's '1971 Beyond Borders' break the views record of 'The Great Father'?

let's wait and see what happens in forthcoming days. However, both the teasers look impressive which increased further expectations on the films.

Watch '1971 Beyond Borders' official teaser

check the official first look teaser from Mohanlal's upcoming movie '1971 beyond borders' below.