'Raees' ten days collections box office:- 'Raees' ten days collections at the Indian and overseas box office will be reported here. Before checking Ten days collections of 'Raees' movie, let's check the movie's collections in the extended 1st week of 9 days. 'Raees' has a very good start at the ticket window in its extended 1st week as the movie minted Rs 122.36 crores nett at the Indian box office and the gross amount is close to Rs 171.31 crores. It minted $11 million from the International markets which are Rs 74.25 crore in INR. The total 9 days collection of 'Raees' are Rs 245.56 crores gross.

let's check 10 days collection below

'Raees' 10 days collection at Indian box office

After having a good run in 1st extended week, the movie is having moderate run on 10th day and it was estimated to mint between Rs 5 to 6 crores nett on Friday. The total ten days collections of 'Raees' at the Indian box office will be close to Rs 128 crores nett and the gross amount is around Rs 179 crores.

The film can pick up well at the ticket window during the weekend to reach Rs 150 crores nett at the Indian box office in its second weekend run at the ticket window.

'Raees' movie overseas collection in 10 days

The film did well at the overseas markets in its 9 days run by minting Rs 74 crores gross and the 10th day collect was expected to be close to Rs 3 crores taking the total ten days collections of 'Raees' movie to Rs 77 crores.

'Raees' ten days total worldwide box office collection

The total 10 days collections of 'Raees' at the worldwide box office are close to Rs 256 crores gross. Thus the movie successful reached Rs 250 crores mark at the ticket window and it is heading towards Rs 300 crore mark.

The movie's run will be good until the release of 'Jolly LLB 2' movie on Feb. 10th, 2017 and it can end up collecting between Rs 300 to 350 crores gross in its total run at the ticket window. This is the best-collected movie among Shah Rukh Khan's films in recent times.

So let's wait and see how the movie performs in its forthcoming days at the ticket window.