"la la land" could have had it all: music, famous actors, low budget, forever- remembered- heart- breaking love story but all I can say is, ‘I guess it’s a good attempt.’ It starts with a bit of a fake opening: everyone jumping on cars, singing, smiling - I was ready to walk out. One of the main songs of the Oscar-nominee kept being repeated pretty much on a loop throughout the whole Movie - a great move if you advertise your creation as a “romantic musical comedy-drama Film”. The story line does capture your attention but the purposeful cheesiness persists on its existence.

However, I must say that it gets much better and less sickeningly- sweet after the opening song. I did keep on feeling that I have already seen this whole story before - in Woody Allen’s "Café Society."

"Café Society" really was not that great in itself to be replicated by other films. However, it had slightly better twists, while "La La Land" seemed like more of a straight line. And let’s not forget about "Moulin Rouge" - well that is a true heart- shattering and eye-watering love story. Some ideas were clearly taken from that great movie by "La La Land." But I am sorry, "La La Land," never mind how hard you tried - you are nowhere near. Also, can I just ask - why does pretty much every director nowadays make movies so extremely unbearably long?

This film really did not have such a complex story line to justify a length of over two hours.

Why is there such hype?

I cannot really pinpoint it, why there is such an obsession with this, frankly speaking, simple creation. I am sure it does help that the main stars are, well - stars. Emma Stone was quite good actually, but Ryan Gosling - not so much.

Ryan’s charisma is truly God’s blessing and his good looks must have some impact on the overall rave over the film. Though when it came to acting, to say it nicely, it was not his best role. I believe that any good-looking guy who is given a great- boyfriend type of script could have substituted Ryan. How he got an Oscar nomination for ‘Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role’ really confuses me - I bet it is that eye-brow-arching look.

This does, however, say something about the level of Oscar’s judging panel. In Ryan's defence though he did have quite a strong set of dance moves.

My verdict for 'La La Land'

Overall, it is hard to say it is a bad movie; it just is not great. It really felt overrated, overhyped and definitely over-nominated. But I am generous, so here you go 'La La Land' - 3 stars.