'Ghazi' (The GhaziAttack') 1st day collections (box office collection):- 'Ghazi' 1st-day collection(box office collections) total worldwide will be predicted here. Before checking 'Ghazi' 1st-day collections at the ticket window, let's see the film's details. The movie received super positive reports from special premiere shows. Everyone who watched the movie applauded it as one of the best movies in recent times in the India. So the positive talk of the film is going to help it o open well at the box office on the 1st day of its release at the ticket window.

Let's check the day one BO prediction of 'Ghazi' below.

'Ghazi' movie 1st-day box office collection India prediction

The movie was expected to release in a good number of screens in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages this Friday. In Ap/Tg box office, the film was expected to mint between Rs 2.5 to 4 crores share on opening day and the gross amount will be close to Rs 3.5 to 5.5 crores.

On the other hand, the film is going to have a good release in Tamilnadu and it was expected to collect between Rs 3 to 5 crores gross on its opening day. In North India. The movie was expected to mint between Rs 5 to 8 crores nett and the gross amount will be Rs 7 to 11.2 crores gross. The total 1st day India collections of 'Ghazi' are estimated to be around Rs 13.2 to 21.7 crores gross.

'Ghazi' overseas collection day 1 prediction

As the film received positive reviews from critics and good talk from the audience, the overseas audience will show interest in watching the movie and the film is expected to have a good opening overseas too. 'The Ghazi Attack' was expected to mint Rs 4 to 8 crores gross from the overseas market on the first day of its release.

'Ghazi' 1st-day total worldwide collection

The total worldwide collection of 'Ghazi' on the 1st day of release were estimated to be between Rs 17.2 to 29.7 crores gross. This is definitely going to be a huge opening in the lead actor's career.

Finally, let's wait and see how the film actually performs at the ticket window in forthcoming days.