'DJ' teaser dislikes:- Allu Arjun's 'DJ' teaser dislikes has become a hot topic now among the Tollywood fans. Before checking more on this, let's see the teaser details. The filmmakers of Allu Arjun's 'DJ' movie unveiled the first look teaser today at 9 pm on the youtube. Coming to the teaser, the lead actor Allu Arjun was seen in a completely new look and he impressed the audience with his typical performance. The background score composed by Devi Sri Prasad is decent and overall, the 47-second teaser is a feast for actor's fans. check the teaser below.

Watch 'DJ' teaser below

More dislikes than usual for Allu Arjun's new film teaser

The teaser which was released at 9 pm crossed half million views in real time within 2 hours of its release. However, the dislikes for the teaser surprised everyone as the teaser gained 26k likes and 16k dislikes as of now. Usually, the ratio of likes to dislikes will be in the form of 90:10 for Telugu films but 'DJ' teaser has close to 60:40 ration for likes and dislikes.

Thus it was a disappointing thing for the actor Allu Arjun to see more haters suddenly for his new movie's teaser. There are certain reasons for having this many dislikes which are as follows below.

Pawan Kalyan fans targeted Allu Arjun?

There was a huge controversy between Allu Arjun and pawan kalyan fans since the actor refused to say Pawan Kalyan name in an audio launch function despite repeated request from Pawan fans.

Since then Pawan fans are opposing Stylish Star and today they have shown their hatred ness in the form of dislikes to 'DJ' movie teaser.

So it is going to have a huge impact on film's box office run if this continues in future as well. Hence the lead actor needs to interfere in this issue and solve it in a healthy manner to unite Pawan Kalyan and his fans.

Nonetheless, the film's shoot is underway in Karnataka and the team will head to Abu Dhabi for their next schedule. The makers are planning to release the film in May 2017 as a summer treat for Telugu fans.