'Dangal' 19 days revenue report: - Aamir Khan's "Dangal" movie 19 days collections in India and worldwide will be reported here. Before checking 19 days collections of "Dangal", let's check the movie's collections in its 18 days run worldwide. The film collected Rs 349.5 crores Nett at the Indian markets, where the gross amount is Rs 489.3 crores. On the other hand, it collected Rs 183 crores at the International markets. The total 18 days collections of "Dangal" grossed Rs 672.3 crores. Let's check 19 days collections of the movie below.

'Dangal' 19th day India collections

The film has seen a drop in collections after the end of its third weekend run at the ticket window which was quite natural for any movie. It minted close to Rs 3.5 to 4.5 crores Nett on Tuesday at the Indian box office, where the gross amount is Rs 4.9 to 6.3 crores. The total 19 days collections of "Dangal" at Indian box office are Rs 353 to 354 crores Nett and gross amount is Rs 494.2 to 495.6 crores. Thus the movie entered Rs 350 crores mark at the Indian box office which is the first time ever for a Bollywood movie.

'Dangal' overseas box office collections in nineteen days

On the other hand, "Dangal" minted close to Rs 1.5 to 2.5 crores on its 19th day at the overseas markets.

The total 19 days overseas box office collections stand between Rs 184.5 to 185.5 crores gross.

'Dangal' total worldwide revenue report in 19 days

The total 19 days collections of "Dangal" movie grossed Rs 678.7 to 681.1 crores. It still needs to collect close to Rs 21 crores more to reach Rs 700 crores club at the worldwide box office which can be achieved in its fourth-week run at the ticket window.

Now, the film remains as All Time 2nd Highest-grossing Bollywood movie worldwide after "PK" which collected Rs 740 crores gross worldwide in its final run at the box office. As "Dangal" collections seen a drop after the third weekend, it was expected to cross total worldwide collections of "PK" in its 5th week or 6th week run at the ticket window.

Finally, let's wait and see how the film performs at the box office in its forthcoming days.