'Dangal' 17 days income report: - Aamir Khan's "Dangal" movie which hit the worldwide screens on December 23rd, 2016, has emerged as Highest grossing Bollywood film at the Indian box office within 17 days of its release, crossing the previous best "PK" movie total run collections of Rs 340 crores Nett. Bollywood Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh himself confirmed that "Dangal" is the Highest grossing Bollywood film at the Indian box office with its Sunday collections. He wrote "With #Dangal emerging the HIGHEST GROSSER EVER [Hindi films] today [Sun], let's have a look at the TOP 5 HIGHEST GROSSER of Hindi films" on his Twitter handle.

"Dangal" minted Rs 330.5 crores Nett at the Indian box office in its 16 days run at the ticket window, where the gross amount is close to Rs 462. 7 crores. On the other hand, "Dangal" collected Rs 174 crores from the overseas market. The total 16 days collections of the film are Rs 636.7 crores. let's check 17 days expected collections of the film below.

'Dangal' movie 17 days India collections

After collecting the double-digit amount of Rs 10.8 crores on Saturday, "Dangal" was expected to collect between Rs 14 to 17 crores on Sunday, where the gross amount is close to Rs 19.6 to 23.8 crores. The total 17 days collections of the movie at Indian box office was expected to be Rs 344.5 to 347.5 crores Nett.

'Dangal' film 17 days overseas collections

Even though there was a dip in collections at the overseas box office, it is still having a good run at the ticket window. It was expected to collect between Rs 5 to 7 crores on the 17th day making it total collections to Rs 179-181 crores at the International markets.

'Dangal' movie seventeen days worldwide collections

The total worldwide collections of "Dangal" movie in 17 days will be close to Rs 661.3 to 667.5 crores (approximately). Thus this Nitesh Tiwari's directional movie is inching towards Rs 700 crores club in a few more days.

Finally, "Dangal" crossed the Indian collections of "PK" with a slight margin and it now needs to surpass the worldwide collections of "PK" which are at Rs 740 crores. As the film already collected close to Rs 661.3 to 667.5 crores, it still needs to collect Rs 80 crores more to surpasses worldwide collections of "PK" movie as well.

So let's wait and see how the film performs at the box office in its forthcoming days.

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