Dangal review: - The positive "Dangal" reviews from Bollywood Celebrities who watched the Premiere shows is increasing the buzz over the film. A special screening for the Celebrities was being held since few days, and the reviews from these celebrities have become the hot topic of discussion for this Bollywood Entertainer.

Surprisingly, all the reviews were super positive for the film and every showered praises on Aamir Khan and the movie team. Let's check below celebrities twitter response on 'Dangal' movie.

Twitter review of 'Dangal' movie

Ramesh Bala said, “#Dangal - A rare combination of women empowerment, patriotism, real life story presented by @aamir_khan & others great performance..


#Dangal: AN INSTANT CLASSIC.. A Soaring Movie.. @aamir_khan 's Magic touch with December Movies continues.. An uplifting ATBB on the way..

#Dangal [4.25/5]: A Powerful movie about how a father overcomes his own prejudice to make his daughters Intl Champs.. Emotional Entertainer!

#Dangal [4.25/5]: @aamir_khan delivers a Towering Performance.. He goes above & beyond in physical transformation and lives the character..

#Dangal [4.25/5]: Commendable job by the young actresses - Two daughter chars - #FatimaSanaShaikh , #ZairaWasim , #SanyaMalhotra & #Suhani

#Dangal [4.25/5]: Music by @ipritamofficial deserves a spl mention.. The songs and BGM bring the necessary depth to the emotions on-screen..

#Dangal [4.25/5]: Using a real-life story, Writers & Dir #NiteshTiwari together with @aamir_khan , deliver a once in a life-time movie..”

Anupama Chopra said, “What a film #dangal is !!! Such an important event for the women & sports in our country @aamir_khan inspires us again, spellbound & in awe.”

Umar Saidhu said, "Review #Dangal.

@aamir_khan movie all the way.From his body language to his Haryanvi accent, from a famous wrestler to a Proud father."

Abhishek Bachchan said, "Dangal is such a beautiful film. Spellbound!! Well done @aamir_khan Nitish and the entire team."

Jammy_PK said "#Dangal has edge of the seat moments during the wrestling scenes...a great inspiring movie @aamir_khan"

Thus 'Dangal' received Blockbuster talk from celebrities who watched the film until now.

Positive talk can help the film at the box office

As the reviews are positive, we need to wait and see how much the movie is going to collect in its opening weekend at the box office. Currently, the Advance Bookings is on full swing for the film.

Finally, let's wait and see how many sensation the "Dangal" is going to create at the box office with its collections as the talk was already positive for the movie. Already, USA premiere shows collections were out and are decent. check them below.

Dangal USA premiere show collections

"Dangal" movie opened up well at the USA and Canada box office with its premiere shows. Released in 303 locations, the film collected $282.2 k from the USA and $42.8k from Canada box office, Total premiere show collects are close to $325k which is a good start for the movie at the box office.