Holograms generated by computer

NASA and Microsoft have partnered together to create a guided tour of some of the already explored regions of the Martian surface, which they have called, ¨Destination Mars.¨ This tour is based on the technology of holographic computer, enabling the interaction with high definition holograms in the real and virtual world.

In the Martian setting

The tour is intended to place the public in the middle of sites already explored by Mars Curiosity Rover. By utilizing a holographic headset, people will be given the opportunity to experience Mars as if they were there in a real moment.

Buzz Aldrin a former Apollo 11 astronaut will appear as holographic tour guide, along with Erisa Hines of JLP.

What is mixed reality?

The concept is a combination of the real and virtual worlds in which the user is placed in the setting where physical and virtual objects interact. Physical objects and people are dynamically integrated by the utilization of many techniques, including streaming video from actual places, sound and digitalization in 3D of objects.

Immersed into an artificial setting

A virtual reality environment is one in which the participant is completely immersed in the setting and, thus, is able to interact with the artificial environment. The virtual world can simulate the features of the real world; however, mixed reality may also exceed the boundaries of the real world by creating atmospheres in which the ordinary laws that govern the physical world no longer apply.

Destination Mars was developed based on, ¨OnSight¨ an operations technology already supporting Curiosity´s explorations on the planet.

Mixed reality applications are being developed to support astronauts on the international space station to aid in the assembly of spacecraft in space. Scientists think that mixed reality can be enhance the engineering designs for further scientific advances in space.

It´s thought that, ¨Destination Mars¨ will give a preview of the experience that humans will have in the 2030's when the first humans will be sent to Mars.