Former Smiths singer, Morrissey has been angered at the recent use of his image in Advertising carried out by the American sports company Supreme. The New York-based skatewear brand are believed to have ignored a plea from the 56-year-old to not use particular pictures of the singer in their marketing campaign. His objections as a committed vegan have been intensified by the company’s alleged connections to the burger industry in previous sponsorship deals.

Fan website explanation

Morrissey apologised last weekend on his fan website ‘True to You’ for what he referred to as the “enfeebled photograph” that appeared after he had modelled for the Supreme label in October 2015.

Considering it to be “fit only for a medical encyclopedia” he had contacted Supreme and urged them not to use it.

He added that he had subsequently learned of the apparent part-sponsorship of the company by White Castle, the fast food hamburger restaurant chain.

How the disagreement unravelled

Utilising the talented fashion photographer Terry Richardson, Supreme had commissioned the October photoshoot involving Morrissey with the intention of the star wearing one of their logo T-shirts. However, the original images did not please the singer and his personal preference was for a photograph taken by himself - which later appeared on his nephew’s Instagram account - to be used instead.

Supreme decided against Morrissey’s substitute image suggestion, but are understood to have re-opened negotiations on the matter and offered a number of alternative solutions.

Claiming that the fee that they had paid was “substantial”, the company stated that they were willing to fund a re-shoot or for one of the other photoshoot images to be chosen by the singer. Failing that, the original fee should be returned to them.

It was further claimed by the company that none of their suggestions met with Morrissey’s approval and (at first) no explanation was given as to why.

Subsequently though, the claims concerning the link with White Castle have been put forward, which seem to have justified the termination of the agreement in Morrissey’s view.

Morrissey explained further

Further comments made in his fanzine indicated that the famous animal rights supporter had issued a legal caution through his lawyers, indicating that should the photograph not be used then the fee would be returned.

His communications have at least re-affirmed his vegan credentials, even if they do not seem to have been well-received by Supreme.

Controversial moments

The reaction by the celebrity is not atypical where meat is concerned. Meat caterers were banned from entering the backstage area at his live shows last year at the Sydney Opera House. He has also previously used his fan website to express his stern belief that he sees “no difference between eating animals and paedophilia.”

Controversial moments seem to be part and parcel of the iconic 80s singer’s recent career. His somewhat risqué novel entitled “List of the Lost” received criticism from many book critics last year. So much so that in December he was awarded the rather dubious honour of the ‘Bad Sex Award’ by the Literary Review at their annual ceremony.

Hot topic recently

Morrissey is not the first (nor is he likely to be the last) celebrity to be annoyed by unsolicited usage of their pictures or indeed their back catalogue of Music as apparent endorsements. The ongoing US elections have ruffled the feathers of both Adele and Elton John, as both have unwittingly been perceived to be backing particular politicians through the playing of their distinctive music on the campaign trail.