With the memory of his late father, David Bowie continuing to remain fresh in many fans’ thoughts as the music legend’s albums continue to fly high in the UK charts, an exciting development has been publicly disclosed by his son. Duncan Jones this week announced via his Twitter account that he and his wife are to become parents for the very first time.

Film director son

Mr Jones - a successful film director in his own right – shared the joyous news just a month after the tragic death of his father from cancer. In an emotional message he made the poignant remark about the “circle of life,” no doubt reflecting on the concept that nature has a habit of taking but then commonly giving back life to the planet shortly afterwards.

Married to Rodene Ronquillo

Bowie’s son is married to the photographer Rodene Ronquillo, the couple having married in 2012 after being in a long-term relationship prior to that. Indeed, their decision to tie the knot coincided with his wife being diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time he also showed his devotion and complete commitment to his partner by shaving his head as a sign of his support.

His wife battled her own cancer

Although Ronquillo won her own cancer battle by October 2013, there was fresh heartache for the extended family unit just six months later, when it is understood that Bowie was made aware of his own deadly predicament.

Emotional tweet

Clearly still thinking of his father, Jones added the heartfelt tweet with regard to the latest Bowie family news that read: “Love you, granddad.”

Hunky Dory’ dedication

The 44-year-old is the only son from the marriage of Bowie and Angie Barnett.

His father is believed to have dedicated the track “Kooks on the album “Hunky Dory” (released in 1971) to his new son at the time.

Best man at father’s wedding

Although his parents divorced in 1980, Jones gave his blessing to his father’s second marriage to the model, Iman by accepting the honour of being the best man at their wedding in 1992.

Film credits

Jones’ film credits include the science fiction films “Source Code” (starring Jake Gyllenhaal) and “Moon” - which he co-wrote and directed - and received the BAFTA Award for the ‘Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer’ for in 2009. Although “Moon” grossed a modest $10 million worldwide at the box office, it was warmly received by many of the industry’s critics.

Bowie told the news

Bowie’s son told his father the happy news before his death, presenting him with a card at the time which he has also shared a picture of on social media. The couple are expecting their new born in June.