What may be called a perfect creation? When the choice of notes is just accurate, neither a step lower nor an octave higher. That’s a balancing act or what we may call a good creation. Even a slight bungling in a note can create a jarring impact on a creator’s vision.

Bachaana” excels. It excels primarily because it doesn’t hit a false note in its hundred minute runtime. With its subtle nuances and brisk narrative, “Bachaana” smoothly oscillates between the realities of life and the drive to feel loved.


Director Nasir Khan offers a novel concept that our ordinariness must be celebrated, not scorned - as we’re more alike than different.

From the lead pair to the supporting cast, Khan has blended a fine mélange of divinely gifted actors to please the sensibilities of viewers.

Khan has a strong command over emotions, therefore, his Film gradually enters into a genre of its own. It’s not mere gags, but something deeper that is hysterically funny. The laughs fly by in the most subtle manner with a layer of slightly sentimental conception underneath, illustrating a maturation of handling situations.


Writer Saad Azhar throws in gags in non-stop profusion at certain instances.Azhar has condensed the story to keep focus on things and events that bolster the film in the right direction. His players, Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed, fully absorb themselves in the skin of Vicky and Aalia, respectively.

The rapport of the lead pair seems entirely unscripted, which is bizarre, but not in the way that we may think. Instead, it’s wonderful, refreshing in its naturalism and sweetly familiar.

At some instances, I felt that the mostly conversational nature of dialogue was a little laboured and over-written, but it doesn’t mar the overall impact of the film.

All technical credits, particularly the impeccable cinematography tops the list. The pitch-perfect editing deserves brownie points and commendation for making the narrative smoother and understandable in a limited runtime, which is rare these days.


The movie clearly rests on the shoulders of two energetic actors of Pakistan, including Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza.

They infuse fervour into their roles, especially the film becomes more vibrant because of Saeed’s evaporative performance. However, together they make sparks fly - the butterfly kind of experience. Saeed and Mirza are just so cute. They grab your attention in the tiny little sequences that are garnished by their delicious compatibility, making it really difficult to keep your eyes of them.

Without overplaying, the actors keep it all real, lending a great amount of credibility and finesse to the narrative. “Bachaana” would be a hollow affair without the lead pair’s crackling chemistry that is believable, heart-felt and exuberant.


With a solid unfolding drama, “Bachaana” keeps you allured with its genuine believability and sheer conviction.

Khan doesn’t waste a single minute, making "Bachaana"the most convincing Pakistani affair of the year so far.

What an utterly charming film this is. It reveres its protagonists and deeply cares about them. Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza are so there. We have been through this journey with them. We have known them. We have come to terms with their concern for each other. Astounding!