Quentin Tarantino may be currently on the promotion trail, as his spaghetti western homage The Hateful Eight hits the Cinema screens, but the pirates seem to have upstaged the Film’s release. He has also taken the opportunity to explain his disdain towards anyone attempting to use electronic equipment on the set of his productions.

Piracy group statement

A statement has been released in the last few days by the piracy group (thought to be called ‘Hive-CM8’) behind the online leaking of The Hateful Eight. They explained their determination to share new films with those people “who are not rich enough” to enjoy the experience of seeing the films at the cinema.

Perhaps regretting their actions after the fact on reflection, the group subsequently added an apology for the upload and suggested that they had no intention of repeating it when future films are about to be released.

Violent spaghetti western

The Hateful Eight is typical in many respects of many of Tarantino’s films: immensely entertaining but especially violent in equal measure. Some critics have compared the film to Reservoir Dogs with the various characters being deeply suspicious of each other and a generally claustrophobic feeling in evidence throughout.

Certainly it has a talented cast to engross viewers in the action, with Kurt Russell and Bruce Dern alongside the director’s regular favourites Michael Madsen and Tim Roth.

Throw in a masterful score by the legendary Ennio Morricone and all the ingredients for a rip-roaring spaghetti western are in place.

Admirer of Samuel L. Jackson

Tarantino has been eulogising about the man viewed as THE star of The Hateful Eight in recent interviews. The film is the sixth production that the extraordinary director and the equally professional actor Samuel L.

Jackson have collaborated on. The much-admired figure described Jackson as an actor who “attacks my material with the seriousness of a seasoned theatrical.”

The pair last worked together on Django Unchained, where Jackson played the part of a powerful house slave. ‘Stephen’ was a particularly sadistic right-hand man to plantation owner Calvin Candie (played brilliantly by Leonardo DiCaprio), so much so that Tarantino felt obliged to omit some scenes from the final cut for fear of how the public might react when seeing Jackson on the street in ‘civilian life’.

Ban on electronic equipment

Tarantino has also shared his approach regarding the usage of electronic equipment such as mobile phones on his film sets. His strict ‘no electronics on set’ ban has been in operation for some time now, brought in to avoid ruining shots by their unwanted interruptions mid-action.

The 52-year-old has seen benefits as a result with a marked difference in the crew’s interactions. He explained that they “get to know each other” (better) and work together towards the end result. Referring to his crew as a “family” since the ruling came in, Tarantino told the press that the atmosphere on his sets was something he was “really proud of.”

The Hateful Eight is due for general release on 8th January.