Their chart success may have peaked back in the 1960s and 70s, but the enduring popularity of The Beatles remains a constant. None more so than in South America it seems, as Mexico City invited fans of all ages to dress up as their favourite member from the ‘Fab Four’ last weekend in an attempt to get in the record books.

Large gathering in Mexico City

Beatlemania may be a phenomenon that is no longer with us on a day to day basis, yet the Mexican experience proves that The Beatles and their ever-popular music still has its attraction. Almost 300 fans gathered as if in a flashback to the heady days when John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr led the music world and set new standards in the fashion stakes.

Colourful garb for record attempt

Those involved in the world record attempt brought a colourful vision to the capital city, as they dressed in outfits that were eerily reminiscent of those worn on the cover of the ground-breaking super-group’s “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album.

As a further reminder of The Beatles at their peak, many participants added the round glasses that were typically associated with Lennon or sported false moustaches in homage to their heroes.

With the organisers now forwarding on evidence of the mass gathering to the Guinness World Records, it remains to be seen whether they will validate the record or not. Nevertheless, the event confirms that the Beatles remain in the memories and thoughts of their fans around the globe.

Only two of the band members currently remain alive. Lennon was tragically assassinated in New York in 1980, while “the Quiet Beatle” Harrison passed away from lung cancer in 2001. Ringo continues to be as enigmatic as ever, while McCartney remains productive on the music front to this day as if to defy his advancing years.

Popular legacy in Mexico

The Beatles never came to Mexico in their original format. They had been due to visit in 1965, but the trip was called off at the last minute by the government at the time. Mexicans have remained besotted with the group and their music though ever since. Radio stations such as Universal Stereo 92.1 regularly play their music over the airwaves in the morning, serenading Mexicans on their way to work.

When Paul McCartney visited Mexico in 2010, tickets were sold out in a matter of a few minutes, making it the country’s fastest-sold concert at the time. They will probably never forget The Beatles’ legacy it seems judging by the weekend’s events.