They were idolised by their teenage fans during the 1970s as they stormed the UK pop charts, but it seems that the temptation to re-unite was just too much for the Bay City Rollers. The famously tartan-clad group have announced three concert dates in December, as they rekindle those distant memories of yesteryear when they became the latest ‘biggest group since The Beatles’.

Tickets sold out in no time

Their popularity seems to still hold sway after almost 40 years, judging by the speed with which tickets for their latest concert sold out in around three minutes last week.

That first date on 20th December will be at Glasgow’s Barrowland, keeping the local feel to the re-union with their adoring fans. In response to the high demand two further dates have been added in the run-up to Christmas, which have proved to be just as popular with the buying public.

For those wondering where their distinctive band name came from, that was the result of the throw of a dart at a map of the United States. The dart landed close to a place called ‘Bay City’ in Michigan and the rest is history.

Chart phenomenon

At the height of their powers in the mid-1970s, the lads from Edinburgh became something of a chart phenomenon in Britain. As with all boy bands, many observers at the time (when flared trousers were all the rage) were not so enamoured with their musical output.

Yet there were plenty who equally just couldn’t get enough of their close harmonies, as they racked up ten top 10 singles between 1971 and 1976 in Britain.

Foreign charts also succumbed to their endearing charms, as the Bay City Rollers enjoyed major success in America, Canada, Australia and Germany. A number one single on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart with “Saturday Night” in 1975 confirmed their popularity overseas.

Such was their global success that BBC figures estimate the group to have sold a staggering 100- 120 million records all told. Sadly it seems that the band members only received a fraction of the royalties they believe that they were owed, hence an ongoing legal dispute with Arista Records. The band are hoping to boost their bank balances through the tour, although they seem determined to continue the legal shenanigans in addition.

Singalong guaranteed

Concert goers are sure to enjoy singing along to the likes of “Shang-A-Lang”, “Bye, Bye, Baby” and “Give a Little Love” as they take a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The group may be a few members light these days though compared to their glory days, with the new line-up featuring Alan Longmuir, Les Mckeown and Stuart 'Woody' Wood. Fans who remember Derek Longmuir and Eric Faulkner with affection will be sadly disappointed by the news that neither will feature in the re-union gigs.