The news that Dave Grohl's injury woes have forced the Foo Fighters out of Glastonbury this year will be a big disappointment to many Music fans. However, it does open the door to other acts to move into the prime headline spot on Friday night, with Florence and the Machine being mentioned by the organisers as being among those in with a chance.

Who could come in?

Since hearing of the news, Glastonbury organisers have clearly been racking their brains as to how best to solve the problem that was facing them. The Foo Fighters are a major act and were a fitting choice for what is traditionally a major place on the festival's schedule, with the potential to attract over 100,000 spectators.

Suggestions were made that they may approach Kylie Minogue, AC/DC or even Oasis. Seeking to calm the speculation down, the organisers have suggested that Florence and the Machine's promotion up the bill could yet be the answer.

How it all came about

Forty-six-year-old Grohl suffered the misfortune of a broken leg at the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg last week. Although he was able to continue performing at the time, the Foo Fighters have opted out of the date at the iconic English music festival as a result.

The indefatigable Grohl broke his leg by jumping off the stage after the second track at the Swedish venue. At first the former Nirvana drummer tried to soldier on, but was eventually forced to give best and be attended to at the back of the set.

Before leaving, Grohl spoke to his devoted fans to tell them that the band's drummer Taylor Hawkins would be taking over the vocal duties in his absence. He also chose to let them know that he was not fooling around and that he really had broken his leg.

Yet, Grohl's appearance in Gothenburg was not quite over, as he returned to the stage after grabbing a set of crutches and finished the set.

With his leg taped up and no doubt in a lot of pain, it is surely one gig that he will find hard to forget during his career.

Others before him

The incident is not the first time that a major pop / rock star has suffered in that manner. Grohl joins an 'elite' group that includes such music luminaries as the Edge from U2 and Madonna, who have both fallen off the stage while performing.

Madonna's tumble was famously at the Brits earlier this year, with spectators again wondering if it was all part of the act or not.

Other festival news

Glastonbury are allowing the charity WaterAid to install a special toilet this year. A "loo with a view" is intended to provide an insight into what it is like for as many as 2.5 billion people in the world, that being the number of people without private toilets. Users of the rather novel facility will be able to view the Pyramid Stage via a mirrored window.

WaterAid's main aim is to provide a safe environment for accessing water, hygiene and sanitation. Through their work they believe that they can change the lives of many people all around the world for the better.