David and Kathleen Long from Scunthorpe may have a claim to be the luckiest people in Great Britain, after celebrating their second million pound Euromillions win in two years. Not content with winning over a million in July 2013, the couple has now announced their second million pound payout, along with a luxury car.

The odds of winning any Euro jackpot are unlikely enough at 1/76,000,000; the Longs' second win defied all probability and came in at a remarkable 283 billion to one. You are more likely to be struck by lightning (1 in 300,000), be admitted to hospital with a pogo stick injury (1 in 115,300) or become a saint (1 in 20 million).

This news may come as good news for golfers as they face an almost certain chance of getting a hole in one - 1 in 5,000 - the same likelihood that the Earth will be hit by an asteroid.

The couple nearly missed out on their first win after David threw the ticket in the bin, convinced he had only won £2.70, before an inkling stirred him to check again. The payout allowed David to give up his truck driving job and, after 12 years of waiting, David and Kathleen finally decided to get married.

However, they have not let the windfall change their lives and still admit to living in a mobile home. Now that they have had the second win, their horizons have broadened and they now concede they will be looking at buying a somewhat larger four-bedroomed house, after recently having an offer accepted on a two-bed place.

Kathleen has since been on several exotic holidays with friends and would like to spend some of the money on a luxury cruise with David. The cruise would represent the honeymoon they have yet to take, after David admitted to be not keen on flying.

When asked to what he attributed his good fortune, David's reply was phlegmatic, stating that he "had a feeling it was going to be me." They intend to carry on playing the lottery and friends and family will be calling on the couple for their advice before choosing their numbers. But with luck like theirs, who is to bet against them bringing in a hat-trick of wins?