The Swedish author Stieg Larsson may have sadly passed away some 11 years ago, but it seems that the legacy of his most famous creation, the "Millennium Trilogy" is set to live on through the writing of another famous Swedish literary, David Lagercrantz. Although there was opposition to the decision from the original author's partner, Eva Gabrielsson, Larsson's estate have crucially given their blessing for the new work in the crime genre to be published. The new author was carefully chosen after a two-year deliberation, so fans can expect the new book to be in much the same vein as it would have been under Larsson's own direction no doubt.

Fans of the original 'Millennium' series of books will no doubt be delighted that they can look forward to a continuation of the concept that Larsson created, his literature containing an air of mystery throughout, even up to the point of being published after his death. Apparently the three books that comprise the 'Millennium' series, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", "The Girl Who Played with Fire" and "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest" were found in manuscript form, soon after his death. It is believed that his partner may already be in possession of a started manuscript for a 4th instalment and the basic concept for further titles in the series, with Larsson perhaps intending to create up to ten books in total, had he lived longer.

What is to happen to the rest of Larsson's notes and ideas is unknown at this point.

Larsson's legion of fans numbers into its millions, so there is a ready-made market for any new book to tap into. Lagercrantz's Swedish publishers certainly hope so, having received the new manuscript from their author in person rather than over the internet, such was the cloak and dagger nature around its creation.

Indeed Lagercrantz is said to have written the novel on a 'dumb' computer to avoid potential leaks of the narrative before its planned release on 27th August this year. Other writers have 'continued' popular series in the past of course, hence the 'new' James Bond-style books after Ian Fleming's death.

The title of the new book is to be "The Girl in the Spider's Web", in a continuation of Larsson's original idea.

It is set to incorporate the leading characters that featured in the original trilogy as well, with the journalist 'Mikael Blomkvist' and a punk computer hacker called 'Salander' continuing their adventures through the book's pages.

Larsson's work has won numerous awards (posthumously) and he also holds the distinction of being the first author to sell over one million e-books on Amazon. In 2008, Larsson was the second best-selling writer on the planet and it is estimated that his trilogy of books has sold more than 80 million copies globally.