The virtual 'Abbey Road Experience' will allow followers to explore the studios,hearing some of its most fascinating stories and Music. What’s more- it can allbe done at the tap of a button from your phone, tablet or computer.

Since the 1930s, Abbey Road Studios haveimpressed music-fans and musicians with their ability to create a sound like no other place. The renowned studio has been at the core of careers of countless successful artists around the world and responsible for helping to sell millions of records. 

Thispartnership with Google gives fans the opportunity to discover and celebrate theplace where music came alive, giving the public an exclusive insight into its wonderful ambiance and atmosphere.

Until now, the notorious zebra crossing was the closest we could get to the studios.

It still remains a hot-spot for tourists and sightseers, who queue up to have their photographs taken at the landmark. However, the newly created 'Inside Abbey Road' experience will now allowpeople to get closer to the studios famous for the production of the best-sellingBeatles albums.

The interactive journey includes more than 100 panoramic images to explore, making it look as ifyou are browsing the studios yourself. It incorporates everything you need toknow about the history of Abbey Road, including archival pictures on how it all began and footage of the opening in 1931. The most recent footage included is that of of Jay Z discussing his album withZane Lowe.

IsabelGarvey, the Managing Director of Abbey Road Studios said: “We’re best known forsome of the amazing music created at the studios but ‘Inside Abbey Road’ givesmusic fans unprecedented access to find out a lot more about the studio’s rolein unleashing some of this creativity.”

If walls could talk, this building would reminisce about the greatest moments in musical history.

Sadly, they can't. But Google has opened Abbey Road's doors exclusively for us to hear and see for ourselves. Googlecontinues to develop our virtual perspective. We’ve gone from being able tosearch for our own home on Google Street View, to exploring the rooms of our favourite recording studio- the home of The Beatles. What’s next...?