The swedish trio Kate Boy announced in interview, the release of the new album 'Human Equal Evolve One' for the first half of the year. Among the new work, they promise more of the synthesized pop essence that have put in evidence in recent years. Surprisingly, they released the EP 'Kate Boy' on the internet - which is a compilation of well known songs and the unprecedented 'Higher'. The song, already repeatedly played on live performances, maintains the same sound that Kate Boy had been working since their debut. Lush synths, great instrumental beats (such as electronic tribal) and textured electronic databases that look like straight out of a Sci-Fi movie.

Electronic, catchy, classy song, has everything to be a brilliant presentation to the first album from Kate Boy.

The EP 'Kate Boy' is being released by Fiction Records, Universal Music. For now, the record can be heard on Spotify and other music platforms.

The electropop band from Stockholm was formed in 2012. The members are Kate Akhurst, Markus Dextegen and Hampus Nordgren. She is from Australia but fell in love for the swedish music. Inspired by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, the band produces a loud and tribal electropop, with a very personal nature. We can say that Kate Boy produces something unique. The singles 'Northern Lights' and 'In Your Eyes', presented in 2012, immediately suggested the band would conquer their space in the new musical wave.

The name Kate Boy reflects the band creative process, assuming an extra element, as the fusion result of all band members. It may seem strange to understand, but in the video they made for 'Nothern Lights' we can see that their silhouettes are constantly merging into one.

Before releasing the EP 'Kate Boy' and the album 'Human Equal Evolve One', Kate Boy presented the 'Nothern Lights' EP in March 2013, which was very well welcomed by international critics.

Kate Boy were invited to perform in almost all over the world and participated in some of the best-known festivals such as Bestival (Isle of Wight) or Lowlands Festival (Netherlands). For 2015 have already confirmed concerts in Austin (USA), Estonia, Barcelona (Spain), Brighton (UK), Belgium and Latvia.