We all know about 1976 and all that. How punk set the UK alight with its incendiary Music and stinging lyrics. But at the same time, it spawned another, unintentional interest in the early 60's mod fashion. Which was all about dressing up, looking sharp, and staying up all night dancing and posing.

Yes, it is true to say that The Clash, Generation X and so on paid a certain amount of lip service to this music, but it was bands like The Jam and The Jolt which really, and in their sharp suits, literally, wore it on their sleeves.

A new compilation released recently on Cherry Red records brings all this back to the fore.

All the more obvious examples such as Secret Affair (Time For Action), The Chords (Maybe Tomorrow), The Purple Hearts (Millions Like Us).

But over four CD's and an excellent booklet the collection incorporates many obscure bands such as Weekend (Tina's Party), The Gents (The Faker), and The Cigarettes( They're Back Again, Here They Come). The music varies from punky power pop, to the more soulful examples more typical of their 60's counterparts, and melodic pop originally in the style originally performed by the likes of Gerry and The Pacemakers and The Merseybeats, and, dare I say it, The Beatles.

Millions Like Us, which is the name of this excellent compilation spreads out over four CD's, and as mentioned contains a fine explanatory booklet, which contains brief biographies of both the bands and the tracks included.

And if you were either a punk, a mod, or someone who enjoys good, straightforward guitar driven music, then this compilation will remind you of what a wonderful and creative time this really was. The late 70's and early 80's will be remembered for punk and new wave, with the politically charged Ska of The Specials and The Selector, but this reminds us of another side to things, which does not get the publicity it deserves.

And let us not forget the likes of Blur, and their Brit pop contemporaries who came along a decade later, but who who picked up on the imagery of this time and made it their own.

Highly recommended.