US troops basedin camp Buehring in Kuwait were usually dancing and enjoying the end of 2014. Theycould not expect a live video message from the American superstar.

As soon as thenoisy crowd of mostly young soldiers concluded the countdown to the New Year,they started wishing each other a happy new year. In the same time, they were joyfully blowingup countless balloons.

A man`s voicescreaming from the microphone was saying “Happy new to everybody”.

Suddenly a voiceof Beyoncécoming from a screened video caught the attention of everyone present.

“I just want tosay a big thank you to all our troops for doing everything you can to safeguardour country”. The soldiers were amazed by the surprise message and startedshouting her name.

The American singer, songwriter and actresswas quoted by People magazine as saying that Americans sleep better at nightknowing that its troops are protecting them and are filled with gratitude.

She went onsaying that it is the reason why she wanted to do something special for the UStroops stationed in Kuwait and Afghanistan.

“Watching the Onthe Run concert made me forget I was in Afghanistan for the holidays … thankyou”, SSGT Ferguson – who is stationed at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan – saidaccording to a USO press release.

Beyoncé , her husband Jay Z andtheir daughter Blue Ivy Carter were spending their Christmas break in Thailandas they spared a time to wish a happy new year to the American troops stationedin the Middle East.

During theirholidays around South-East Asia, the singer has been sharing her holiday’spictures in company with her family and some of which were criticized.

InPhuket, Thailand the family posed for a photo with a baby tiger which caused controversy.

Dr Jan Schmidtwho work with World Animal protection blamed the superstar family for the dangerousmove. She was quoted in a statement by saying that the familyhealth and well-being should not be sacrificed for a photo opportunity.

In addition tothis Dr Schimdt-Burbach noted to the daily mail that when you look behind thescenes holiday snaps like these support an industry that relies on animalcruelty.

Although Beyoncewas reprimanded by some due to her controversial pictures with wild animals in Thailand, the American troops stationed around Middle East praised herfor her surprise best wish for the New Year.