New York City, December, 2014-Armenian artist Tigran Tsitoghdzyan is among those contemporary artists who are giving a surprising performance in the last years. At the fall's auction's at Phillips, his painting Mirror V, a huge hyperrealistic portraiture with actress Ashley Hinshaw covering her face, was sold by $70.000 dollars, coming from an estimate of $30.000.

A solo show was displayed at Booth B29 at Art Basel Miami, and a second piece from the series Mirrors, in this case one so called White Mirror II, was sold to Russian collectors, along side with Mirror Metamorphosis.

The renowned American art critic Donald Kuspit is actually working on an essay about Tigran last series of work, and American filmmaker Artur Balder is reportedly to work with the artist in a cutting edge Film, but no more information about that project has been unveiled. Balder's film Little Spain' has been released in the United States a few weeks ago, and some of his documentaries about art has been premiere by the Museum of Modern Art of Mew York (MoMA).

Tigran's work is characterised by an extremely accuracy at painting. His oil on canvas is an extension of the old masters technic, adapted to our new times. Tigran's evolutionary path is in this sense different to most artists, and one can speak of an absence of childhood in the general sense of the definition, as demonstrated both by his works of that time as by the events that marked its existence.

This aesthetic maturation leads to a quick recognition of romantic painting trails in the work of these early stages.

His recent series of Mirrors concentrates on the modern spirit of individuality in this era of 'selfies' culture. It compresses the ideas that have occupied him in connection with that vision of ourselves through interfering social networks and media. From that point of view, internet changed our need to be seen and the control we had about that image, and that's a powerful influence of how the artist's world is influenced and exposed.