The Destiny Beta will be starting on the 23rd of July, this is good news as many a gamer, myself included have been waiting over a year to get our hands on it. The game promises a new twist on the FPS and RPG genre and also contains elements of a MMO as the world can be populated by many players at once and a central hub like planet will be the meet up place of many of the users of the game. It looks very promising and with the past of the Halo games expectations are very high but with that past experience I expect the game to be as brilliant as the Halo series.

Many gamers had a chance to play it at E3 this year and nothing but stellar reviews came from it, only minor complaints such as ammo drops being infrequent and boss battles taking too long to complete, which can be tweaked easily I imagine. Destiny has a loot system which gives out loot collected to different players, for example when a mission ends the players will get different weapons and amour. This in my opinion is a much better way to deal with loot than just having enemies drop loot and have players scramble over to get it while its there taking away from the co-operative game play . This also will make players work together so that a mission is completed effectively and that loot can be obtained faster.

No only will this increase the amount of communication needed between players during a mission but will also keep players in a game and not just drop out when it suits them.

Destiny will also have a player vs player mode which was showcased at the RTX event in Austin Texas, players challenged the game developers to matches on various maps.

Players said that vehicle combat was included and the experience on a whole seemed balanced and fun. I'm not sure if the matches will allow you to play as the character you play as in the single player campaign which could make the game unbalanced as higher level players will have a much lager advantage over newer, less experienced players.

All in all Destiny seems to be gearing up for its launch on September 9th and with so much hype around the game I imagine the game to be a huge hit on day one. I know myself and many other gamers are looking forward to this date.