Five of the top debut albums of 2019

A wave of debut albums released. (Image credit supplied/unsplash)
A wave of debut albums released. (Image credit supplied/unsplash)

We chart the new artists, bands and music styles that are hitting the airways this summer.

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These are the top five debut albums of 2019 so far

Nowadays it is so much easier to explore and listen to new artists, bands and Music styles because of social and music streaming services including Amazon, Apple, Spotify, and Pandora. We've listed our top five debut albums that have been released this summer for you to discover.


Ayanna Witter-Johnson - Road Runner

Maverick vocalist and cellist Ayanna Whitter-Johnson released her debut album Road Runner in the spring to critical acclaim. It chronicles her journey as a musician, and it is a diverse mix of tones and moods, an expression of her incredible talent ready to be shared with the world. Standout Tracks are: ‘Road Runner’, ‘The Police’s ‘Roxanne’, and ‘Falling’.


Sophia Mina - The Fly

Sophia who hails from North London released her debut EP 'The Fly' in the spring. The EP picked the best elements from a wide array of genres, from pop and RnB to dance and hip-hop and can be heard throughout clubs across the country. Last week she released her highly anticipated new single 'Aint Got Time', an electro-pop tune that is zooming the airplay charts. Sophia will be performing live at London's Zebranos on the 28th August.

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