Rick and Morty: 5 of the best episodes in season 3

While waiting for season 4, let us check some of the best episodes in season 3 that will definitely give you a good laugh.


Pickle Rick

‘Pickle Rick’ catapulted ‘Rick and Morty’ not only when it comes to viewership but also merchandising. It was once reported that ‘Pickle Rick’ stuff toys was so big that it started a riot. Although there are no videos of the incident, it is widely believable considering the magnitude of their fans. The episode showed the versatility of the showrunners and the fight scenes between ‘Pickle Rick’ and Jaguar was so ridiculously funny.


The Ricklantis Mixup

It was a toss up between this episode and “Pickle Rick”. The only edge that “Pickle Rick” has is the merchandising part. “The Ricklantis Mixup” is the epitome of what ‘Rick and Morty’ is all about. With multiple plots, angles and clues, it was visible on that sole episode how the producers of the show respect the legions of fans of their show. Probably the biggest reveal on that episode is when evil Morty returns.


The Rickshank Redemption

The pilot episode of season 3 made our list because it showed a lot of what ‘Rick and Morty’ can still offer. Rick was seen incarcerated in the Galactic Federal Prison. They know that Rick is the smartest man alive and capturing him while reading his mind might provide them a concept with their project which is “Interdimensional Travel”. However, Rick is always one step ahead of the Federation, which made it difficult for them to control him.


The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy was a great episode in a way that they were able to show what Jerry was all about. On that particular episode, Jerry was at his lowest point as the tides turned on him. What made the episode more special is when they provided several angles about the battle of wits between Rick and his son-in-law, Jerry.


Morty’s Mind Blowers

Episode 8 'Morty’s Mind Blowers' is included on our list. It might not be like the first four episodes named on our list, but this episode might be the funniest. Basically, Rick was trying to erase every injurious memory he had and as the episode progressed, it shows a lot about the effects of changes that Rick is over and the suffering that he endured in all of the adventures that he had.

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