#MeToo: 5 male celebrities accused in Bollywood

the #MeToo Movement has caught up in India (Image via #MeToo/Twitter)
the #MeToo Movement has caught up in India (Image via #MeToo/Twitter)

The #MeToo movement is in its full swing in India. Here are five male celebrities of Bollywood who have been accused during this movement.

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Several women in India have come out and shared their stories of getting sexually harassed by some or other powerful men. Journalists, sportsmen, actors, politicians, businessmen and authors, no one has been spared in this movement.


Writer-director Vikas Bahl

He was recently accused of sexually harassing an ex-employee of Phantom Films, the company he co-founded with three other notable films directors of Bollywood. The allegations against Bahl have then supported actresses Kangana Ranaut and Nayani Dixit as both the women accused him of sexual misconduct. This entire episode made Phantom Films shut its door.


Nana Patekar

Veteran actor Nana Patekar was recently accused of sexual misconduct by actress Tanushree Dutta. She said that Patekar tried to get intimate close to her during the shooting of a 2008 movie Horn Ok Please. She, in fact, went ahead and filed an FIR against the actor and three more people involved in the making of the movie of sexual misconduct.

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