Two days ago American schoolboy Keaton Jones spoke out in a video recorded by his mother Kimberly Jones, about the constant bullying he faces day after day at the hands of his classmates. The young boy from Knoxville in the U.S. state of Tennessee was picked up by his mother during his lunch period and was supposedly too afraid to go back to lunch. After confiding in his mother about what he had faced during his lunch period, Kimberly and Keaton Jones made a brave decision to let Keaton's story be known publicly. As his mother recorded Keaton Jones tearfully asked -

''Why do they (his tormentors from school) bully?''

''Why do they find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to them?''

Kimberly Jones asked her sobbing son exactly what they did to him at lunch, the distressed boy recounted the events which included having milk poured over him, ham being put down his shirt and having bread thrown at his head.

As well as being mercilessly taunted over his appearance by being told that he was ugly and had no friends. While this was difficult and heartbreaking for many to watch, the video also had a moment of pure inspiration. Kimberly asked her son whether he thought other children felt the same way he did, to which Keaton acknowledged that there were, in fact, other children who probably were experiencing similar kinds' of bullying that he has faced. When asked how that made him feel knowing there were others' just like him, Keaton displayed admirable, emotional strength where despite the own personal hell he was facing, the brave boy was still able to give encouragement to other victims.

Speaking out to anyone who has been bullied for one reason or another Keaton explained that everyone is different and that it was not okay to let anyone criticise them for why bullies may feel they deserve to be targeted.

Keaton and his mother ended the video with Keaton offering encouragement to fellow victims to stay strong, and telling them, after pouring out his own distress, that things can get better. The video got 20 million views with viewers praising Keaton Jones for his courage and offering their condolences while sharing their own experiences in the comments section of the video.

Also, many celebrities offered their support to Keaton telling him they were there for him and calling the boy a hero. These celebrities included Demi Lovato, who has talked about her own experiences of being bullied as a child, has told Keaton Jones that he is not alone and that people who are bullied usually come out stronger.

However, Jones and his family now face backlash over the alleged joke

Just as quickly as the video became viral, Keaton Jones and his family have since faced accusations of being racist by the same public that praised them, since Kimberly Jones posted a picture of herself posing with a Confederate Flag. Kimberly Jones who lives in Knoxville with Keaton and her two daughters, has been accused of being racist after seeing her family posing with the flag.

Kimberly Jones has since said that the picture is real but it was not a serious expression of their political views, but rather the photo is supposed to be seen as ironic and funny. Her claim does not seem to have been accepted wholeheartedly by the public since some people online have decided to completely condemn Kimberly and her family. Unfortunately this does include already victimised Keaton Jones as not all comments for this video are all to offer their support, but instead, have accused him without knowledge of calling people the ''N'' word and suggesting that he actually deserves the abuse he receives. However not everyone has turned on Keaton there are still supporters, who encourage us not to turn on him because of the political views his family may or may not have.

Stating that no one deserves to be bullied and that the 11-year old is no exception.

Kimberly Jones herself has asked parents who may have children like her son, to not disregard the message that they sent with their video. Which is, if they think their child may be being a victim of bullying then to please take her advice, regardless of what they think of her and talk to their children, so they do not have to go through the same torture her son has had to endure.