Marinecoin is the new cryptocurrency currently available on the market. With the goal of revolutionizing the cryptoworld and raise it to something much better and efficient.In a short time of it's existence it has expanded vastly.Already listed on several markets and even on MTC/USD exchange, the future of Marinecoin seems bright.

Marinecoin developers and it's main promotor Chris Bates have annouced and incorporated the network hashrate to help in genetic and cancer related research. Already there is online wallet and a mobile wallet is still in beta but not for long. Cryptocredit card is also on the way, with the goal of global merchants acceptance. One of the goals is to educate the community worldwide about crypto,w ith nearly 98% of world population unaware and unneducated about cryptocurrencies. Effort is needed to spread the word. 

Even democratic voting system is being implemented, so decisions are made fair and legal.Public ladger is there and at the end of the year the announcing of founding fathers is going to be made,those who have over 2000, including metal cryptocard for them. What is to be mentioned is that Marinecoin is a part of Maritime network, and is going to help in making it much easier to transfer funds for people on the sea, and others. And also there are Marinecoin Yacht and city plans for future.Marinecoin is showing great potential ,what is going to happen is to be seen.